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Louie the Orangutan's Day at ITV Studios: A Mission to Protect Endangered Species

In a bid to support conservation efforts for endangered orangutans, Louie the animatronic orangutan embarked on a special mission to ITV Studios. Here’s a glimpse into his unforgettable day.

Louie, the charismatic orangutan ambassador, joined us as we visited ITV Studios to raise awareness about the plight of his species. Welcomed warmly by the presenters of ITV News Central, Louie made quite the impression as he strolled through the bustling studio, captivating everyone with his lifelike movements and endearing presence.

Amidst the studio's vibrant atmosphere, Louie had the unique opportunity to engage with the studio crew and explore his surroundings before taking center stage for an interview with one of Twycross Zoo’s educational officers.

Louie’s visit to ITV Studios not only showcased his commitment to conservation but also served as a reminder of the urgent need to safeguard orangutans and their habitats for future generations.

As Louie bid farewell to the studio, his impactful journey continued, leaving a lasting impression on all who had the pleasure of meeting him.

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