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Meet the ape with a passion for interaction.


Meet Louie the larger than life Orangutan. Interact with this beautiful great ape and pose for a photo.

Combining a real performer and animatronic costume, “Look, it’s Louie” is a life like walkabout Male Orangutan act.


Meet the ape with a passion for interaction-this Orangutan loves to have selfies with guests!


Perfect for any event, venue or animal themed entertainment, this Orangutan suit performer is so realistic that people will struggle to believe that it is not a living-breathing ape! The walkabout Orangutan can be accompanied by a friendly ranger who will help to educate children and adults about the animal kingdom. 

A fun and interactive roaming act, guests can get closer to this animatronic walk around Orangutan than they ever could with the real life animal, making it the ideal entertainment option for any event!


Help Louie has been setup with the aim to promote public awareness through entertainment and to spread knowledge about the critically endangered Orangutan and the threats to its future existence. Louie's awareness raising efforts are targeted both at the general public and children’s education.



Help Louie really would like to build up a great partnership with organisations in this field and help support them in any way we can. If you think your organisation would benefit from our support, please get in contact with us.

We have some great partnership opportunities.

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