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 "We are proud to say that we are the brainchild behind this UKs/ Worlds first fully puppeteered / animatronic male Orangutan"   


Since the end of 2019 we had been working with special effects artists, designing and building this life-size animatronic Orangutan costume.

"We designed and chosen how we wanted the face to look."

The costume combines animatronic tech and traditional wire animal puppet-making skills. Its face is made of latex foam. We can perform the movements of the related Orangutan walk and sit. What's more this Orangutan suit offers reliable mouth movement, eyes blink, frown eyebrows and sounds.

"We wanted to control everything from inside the costume."

The head, body, arms and legs was hand-laid with yak hair to give the costume the most realistic feel and look..

"Hours of laying hair by hand and the end result is amazing."

As you can see Louie has been a long working process and a dream for years. August 2021 our dream became true and we was able to show off our life-size animatronic Orangutan costume, which combines animatronic tech with a performer inside the costume operating the movements of the related Orangutan for the first time.


"We had the pleasure in taking Louie to London in Oct 2021 to promote a Palm oil free food product."

"The more awareness the better hope we have to protect the Orangutan species"

Louie has been made to entertain,Educate and help raise awareness of protecting and saving the Orangutan species.

When you hire Louie for any event you are helping to bring peoples awareness to the Orangutans and DOING YOUR BIT FOR CONSERVATION!


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