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An Orangutan on a BIG journey

Louie is the most realistic male Orangutan puppet heading off on a tour in 2022, travelling around the Uk in support of saving Orangutans and spreading the message of deforestation and sustainable palm oil.



Endangered wild orangutans left.


Of Indonesias 

original forest habitat has been lost.


Of the world demand for palm oil has increased in the last five years. 


Earth for Us to Protect.

*Some of these figures are estimated due to numbers changing daily. 

Help Louie is committed to saving Orangutans and building a community inspired to protect these amazing species together. The Jungle Education Project Fund will support organizations like SOS (The Sumatran Orangutan Society) and BOS Uk (Borneo Orangutan Survival UK) working with communities to save Orangutans, inspire action and protect the planet. 

The Jungle Education Project Team are working on our own Educational projects to connect people to build a network for nature, and care for the planet through everyday actions.

With your help, we can bring awareness to the general public on the importance of protecting the critically endangered Orangutans, their habitats and highlighting the importance of using/purchasing products with sustainable palm oil.

About Louie

Meet Louie the larger than life orangutan and Interact with this beautiful great ape or simply pose for a photo.


Upcoming Projects to Fund

The Jungle Education Project is a not-for-profit organisation with a charitable purpose so all the funds raised, help towards Louies mission to support Orangutan organisations around the world and help with our very own educational Projects here in the UK.

Image by James Lo


You can support Help Louie and our important work to be a voice for the critically endangered orangutan and their rainforest home in various ways. Head on over to our Help Louie page to explore your options and help us today.

All the Latest Updates

Please follow our journey and get the latest updates.

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Protecting one of the World’s Most Endangered Species

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